Scripture and Inspiration

Scripture and Inspiration

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to Scripture.


Bible Foods - Fruit
 900.42 KB

This book gives some facts about four fruits mentioned in the Bible: fig, date, pomegranate and apple (or quince).

Bible Foods - Grapes
 870.59 KB

This gives some information about the cultivation and uses of grapes in Bible times. It covers vineyards, winepresses and wineskins.

Bible Foods - Manna
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God looked after his people in the desert. He gave them manna. Jesus is even better than manna.

Bible Foods - A Story of Manna
 1.79 MB

This is a short story (for children) based on the story in Exodus of God’s provision of manna.

Bible Foods - Salt
 1.03 MB

Salt – its uses, and how they found it in Bible times. Some texts where it is mentioned in the Bible.

Bible Foods - Water and Wells
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Water usually came from wells. This contains some information about wells in Bible times and some stories from the Bible about wells and what Jesus said.

Trees and the Bible
 2.5 MB

This book explores Bible passages about trees and explains their various uses through the ages.

The Twelve Disciples, Book 1
 1.3 MB

The Twelve Disciples of Jesus: Introduction and The Inner Circle.