A Very Wise Husband


A Very Wise Husband

This is a story to encourage people to have their blood pressure checked, with advice on how to prevent high blood pressure and what to do if one has it. The second part of the book is more practical. It explains what hypertension is, what causes it and gives more detail about its prevention and cure.

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Created Date: 09-Jun-2020
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Author: Eileen Gardner
Copyright: ©2019 MissionAssist
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This has been taken from an original story by Eileen Gardner with additional text by Kathryn Adams.
The copyright-free illustration on page 1 is by Elijah Njoroge and was sourced from www.developmentart.com whilst the copyright-free illustration at the top of page 11 is from "Where there is no Artist" (Intermediate Technology Publications, 1997). Both are used with grateful thanks.
The other illustrations are from "Where Women have no Doctor" and "Where there is no Doctor", copyright by The Hesperian Foundation, adapted and used with grateful thanks.
This edition published in the United Kingdom in 2019 by MissionAssist.


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