Health & Hygiene

Health & Hygiene

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to health and hygiene.


Breast Feeding
 781.62 KB

Breast-feeding is the best way to feed babies.

Caring for Older People at Home
 1.45 MB

This booklet contains advice on care for the elderly. It covers nutrition, skin care, deafness, preventing accidents, bedridden people and dying.

Look After Yourself
 1.28 MB

A short guide on looking after yourself for those who help others.

Basic Guidelines of Cleanliness
 939.79 KB

This contains advice on personal cleanliness, cleanliness in the home, healthy eating, drinking and protecting the health of children.

A Balanced Diet - Pregnancy
 542.47 KB

This contains advice on healthy eating for pregnant women and babies from birth to over one year old.

A Balanced Diet - Malnutrition
 868.45 KB

A balanced diet can prevent malnutrition by giving strength, by giving energy and protecting from illness.

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