Vaccinations - Protecting your Baby


Vaccinations - Protecting your Baby

If you allow your child to be vaccinated, you have protected your child from many diseases. This booklet explains what it means to vaccinate your child against diseases.

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Created Date: 04-Jun-2020
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Adapted from "Protégeons nos enfants par la vaccination" by SIL Cameroon.
Text ©1997 SIL International, shared under a CC:BY-NC (4.0) licence.
Illustrations by "Atelier de Matériel pour l’Animation" ©1997 SIL International, shared under a CC:BY-NC-ND (4.0) licence. You may reproduce these illustrations without changes for not-for-profit publications with credit to the owner.
This edition published in the United Kingdom in 2020 by MissionAssist.


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