Health and Hygiene

Health and Hygiene

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to health and hygiene.


A Balanced Diet - Pregnancy
 549.01 KB

This contains advice on healthy eating for pregnant women and babies from birth to over one year old.

Baby Care, Book 1
 1.5 MB

This story is about a strong and healthy family and the little one, for whom the mother is preparing. It is about pregnancy and birth.

Baby Care, Book 2
 1.02 MB

This contains advice on the stage of a baby's life between birth and weaning. It deals with food, injections and cleanliness.

Baby Care, Book3
 862.18 KB

Baby was born strong and brought up well nourished on his mother’s milk. He continues to grow and now begins to feed on other foods apart from his mother’s milk.

Basic Guidelines of Cleanliness
 939.79 KB

This contains advice on personal cleanliness, cleanliness in the home, healthy eating, drinking and protecting the health of children.

Breast Feeding
 781.62 KB

Breast-feeding is the best way to feed babies.

Brushing Your Teeth
 1.32 MB

This is a handbook for children on how to look after teeth so that they stay clean and healthy.

Building an Outside Toilet
 2.08 MB

A clean outside toilet that is properly sited and built will help the whole community to stay healthy and safe.

Caring for Older People at Home
 1.45 MB

This booklet contains advice on care for the elderly. It covers nutrition, skin care, deafness, preventing accidents, bedridden people and dying.

Female Circumcision
 513.91 KB

This booklet deals with excision, also known as female genital mutilation.

First Aid
 3.66 MB

Basic instruction for people who have no medical knowledge.

 1.35 MB

If we protect ourselves from the dangers that flies bring, we can avoid many illnesses and live healthier and happier lives.

Healthy Teeth
 472.52 KB

A very simple book on the care of your teeth.

Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke
 815.21 KB

Heat Exhaustion and Heatstroke

His Blood is Still Spurting Out
 784.28 KB

This is a story which illustrates how to stop severe bleeding and deals with the care of wounds and infections.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Out
 3.23 MB

Advice on how to keep mosquitoes out of your home and instructions on how to make a mosquito net.

How Your Diet Contributes to Good or Bad Health Updated
 1.14 MB

How Your Diet Contributes to Good or Bad Health. A healthy diet can prevent malnutrition.

Hygiene in the Village
 1.39 MB

Microbes are everywhere where there is dust, dirt, darkness and humidity.

Keeping Food Clean
 978.67 KB

This booklet tells you about how important it is to keep food clean.

Look After Your Teeth and Gums
 1.61 MB

If we have healthy teeth and gums, it also helps us to have healthy bodies.

Look After Yourself
 1.28 MB

A short guide on looking after yourself for those who help others.

Mother and Child
 828.75 KB

Advice for new mothers, from pre-birth preparation to weaning.

Personal Hygiene
 942.35 KB

Dirtiness makes one sick. This booklet looks at personal hygiene and care.

Puberty and Pregnancy
 651.26 KB

This has hints for parents and teachers on how to help young people with puberty and parenthood.

Safe Drinking Water
 6.96 MB

Drinking dirty water is the cause of many diseases, some fatal. This booklet looks at four methods of sterilising water.

 724.31 KB

A boy went to the bush with his father. While they were there, the boy scratched his leg on a thorn and it made a small sore.

The Book of Hygiene
 7.96 MB

Maintaining a good standard of hygiene is an important factor in resisting a very large number of illnesses.

The Book of Water
 1.5 MB

Water is very important. Without water everything on earth will die.

The Teeth, Gums and Mouth
 619.32 KB

A useful introduction to the subject of dental care, looking at infections and treatment.

Use Aloe Vera to Treat Wounds
 678.97 KB

This booklet tells you how to use the aloe plant to help you if you have a burn, a wound or an ulcer.

Vaccinations - Protecting your Baby
 1.17 MB

This booklet explains what it means to vaccinate your child against diseases.

Washing Your Hands
 2.32 MB

A handbook for children. This book tells children why they should wash their hands and shows them how to do it.

Weaning Your Baby
 575.55 KB

An easy-to-read booklet, giving good advice on how to feed your baby for the first two years of its life.