Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and Farming

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to agriculture and farming.


Increase Chicken Production
 1.21 MB

This booklet helps you to increase the number of chickens you have.

How to Make and Use Compost
 1.23 MB

Instructions on how to make a compost container out of an old oil drum.

Cultivating Eru
 1.71 MB

Advice is given to enable farmers to propagate cultivated eru from cuttings.

Keeping Fish and Ducks
 3.24 MB

Here are some basic suggestions for keeping ducks on a fish pond.

Raising Fish
 1.57 MB

Advice on siting, building and maintaining a fishpond, then buying, farming and harvesting the fish to go in it.

Harvesting Fruit the Easy Way
 511.44 KB

Some methods of harvesting fruit are dangerous and damage the fruit. Using a container on the end of a stick is safe and fruit can be picked without damage.

Growing Vegetables in Bags
 467.16 KB

This explains how to grow vegetables in polythene bags.

Gardening in a Small Space
 5.86 MB

This contains three simple ideas for planting some herbs or vegetables where space is limited.