Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and Farming

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to agriculture and farming.


Early Maize Seedlings
 777.5 KB

How to give maize seedlings an early start and save time between crops.

Sterilising Seed Beds
 564.28 KB

This explains how to use the heat of the sun to sterilise seed beds.

An Easy Way to Water Seeds
 1.32 MB

Use a tin can or plastic bottle as a mini-reservoir alongside your seeds or seedlings.

Wood and Rice Husk Ash
 917.79 KB

This booklet explains how to keep pests from your crops by using ash from wood or rice husks.

How to Make Natural Pesticides
 1.12 MB

This booklet tells you how to use red chilli peppers to help keep pests away from your crops.

Starting A Tree Nursery
 3.68 MB

How to create a tree nursery from the preparation of the ground to planting trees and caring for them.

Olive Trees, Olives and Olive Oil
 2.87 MB

This book tells you how to cultivate olive trees and how their fruit and wood can be used, along with some references to olives in the Bible.

Making a Beehive
 1.01 MB

How to make a simple beehive from local and low-cost materials.