Information and Education

Information and Education

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to information and education.


Water Pumps - Domestic
 1.75 MB

Water Pumps - human-powered for domestic and community use.

Water Pumps - Irrigation
 1009.37 KB

Water Pumps - human and animal powered for irrigation.

Water Pumps - Hydraulic
 2.08 MB

Hydraulic ram water pumps. This book explains how hydraulic ram pumps (hydrams) work and how to install and use them.

Water Pumps - Solar-power
 1.23 MB

Solar-Powered water pumps: fresh water brought to you by the sun.

Waste Management Updated
 1.6 MB

This book covers the three main ways of mitigating the impact of rubbish on our environment, by reducing, reusing, recycling. It also warns against careless disposal of hazardous waste.

Waste Management - Rubbish Pits New!
 963.48 KB

This book describes the use of household rubbish pits and a community waste collection service.