Pre-Reading Age Children


Pre-Reading Age Children

This is a book to stimulate the minds of young children before they can read. There are 180 sets of figures such as drawings of everyday objects, shapes, designs, letters, numbers, groups of two and three letters and punctuation marks. Each set has four identical objects and one "odd one out". Teachers and parents can use the pictures to encourage their children to recognise similarities and differences before they learn to recognise separate letters.

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Created Date: 26-May-2020
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Author: Ritva Brown
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This has been adapted from a booklet originally produced in August 2008 by the SIL Press, Ukarumpa, Papua New Guinea, in the Kobai language of Morobe Province, PNG. This edition was published in the United Kingdom in 2020 by MissionAssist.

The design and layout are by Ritva Brown with illustrations by RH Brown, ML Harrar, SIL PNG and MissionAssist. 


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