Crafts and Skills

Crafts and Skills

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to crafts.


How To Make Bricks
 2.47 MB

This describes how to make bricks from clay, water and other materials using a wooden or metal mould and how to build a kiln or pit and bake bricks in it.

Building with Bricks and Breeze Blocks
 1.56 MB

How to build using bricks or breeze blocks and mortar. It includes instructions on making mortar, concrete and the necessary tools.

A Simple Chicken-feeder
 545.55 KB

This explains how to make a simple chicken feeder from a plastic bucket or similar container.

How To Make Green Mango Chutney
 688.34 KB

Hot to make chutney from green, unripe mangoes or tomatoes.

First Steps in Crochet
 690.82 KB

This describes a method of knitting woollen yarn with a single needle to form stitches in a chain and create crochet work.

Decorative and Useful Walls
 2.27 MB

If you are short of space, a few old breeze blocks can be put to good use by building a vertical garden for flowers, herbs or vegetables.

A Tough Doormat
 522.59 KB

How to make a doormat from bottle tops.

Lining Fish Ponds
 1.34 MB

How to line a fish pond using clay or pig manure and grass cuttings.