Crafts and Skills

Crafts and Skills

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to crafts.


Mixed Fruit Juice
 2.88 MB

Unhappy Customers. Two women sell passion fruit and pineapple mixed juice. One has not made it correctly so it makes her customers ill.

Making a Mud Stove
 907.6 KB

Making a One-Door Two-Hole Mud Stove. This book explains how to make a mud stove to control the heat and help with your cooking.

Evaporative Cooling, Book 1
 1.71 MB

Inexpensive fridges to preserve your fruit and vegetables. 

Evaporative Cooling, Book 2
 1.4 MB

How to Make a Zeer Pot Fridge.

Evaporative Cooling, Book 3
 1.6 MB

How to build a static, cooling chamber.

Water Hyacinth
 1.7 MB

From problem to productive free resource: this book explains that, although the water hyacinth has become a problem, it can be very useful.

Fruit Leathers
 773.84 KB

Delicious snacks that you can make at home. This book explains how to make fruit leathers as a way of preserving a plentiful harvest.

Using a Sandbar to Grow Pumpkins
 742.6 KB

This book demonstrates how to grow pumpkins on a sandbar using the pit cultivation approach.

How to Make a Skirt
 1.78 MB

This book comprises a step-by-step guide to making skirts in three different styles: gathered, circle and maxi.

Making a Pack-saddle
 2.75 MB

Advice on how to make and fit a good pack-saddle so that you and your animal can work better.

Rainwater Harvesting with Sand Dams
 1.34 MB

Water shortages are a problem in arid and semi-arid lands.

Charcoal Briquettes
 1012.13 KB

How to turn woody waste into charcoal briquettes.

How to Make a Donkey Cart or Ambulance
 4.69 MB

This provides a detailed explanation of how to build a donkey cart or ambulance.

Compressed Earth Blocks
 4.47 MB

Compressed Earth Blocks