Crafts and Skills

Crafts and Skills

These are Shell Book titles in English relating to crafts.


A Bottle-top Fish Scaler
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This is a very simple way of making a tool to scrape the scales off a fish before cooking. It just needs a piece of wood and some bottle tops.

Smoking Fish
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Fish can be preserved for a few days by smoking it. It can then be eaten at home or sold in the market.

A Useful Fly Trap
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How to make a fly trap for the home from two plastic bottles.

Preserving Food in Hot Climates
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Two simple methods of keeping food cool and so prolonging its safe life.

Preserve your Food by Drying
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A tent drier can be used to dry fruit and vegetables in the heat of the sun.

Making Jam
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A general method of making jam from fruit with a recipe for melon and pineapple jam.

First Steps in Knitting
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The first part of this book describes simple knitting methods. More difficult stitches are described at the end of the book.

Protection from Lightning
 1.09 MB

Advice on how to protect buildings from lightning strikes.