These are Shell Book titles in English relating to crafts.


First Steps in Crochet
 690.82 KB

This describes a method of knitting woollen yarn with a single needle to form stitches in a chain and create crochet work.

Decorative and Useful Walls
 2.27 MB

If you are short of space, a few old breeze blocks can be put to good use by building a vertical garden for flowers, herbs or vegetables.

A Tough Doormat
 522.59 KB

How to make a doormat from bottle tops.

Lining Fish Ponds
 1.34 MB

How to line a fish pond using clay or pig manure and grass cuttings.

A Bottle-top Fish Scaler
 491.72 KB

This is a very simple way of making a tool to scrape the scales off a fish before cooking. It just needs a piece of wood and some bottle tops.

Smoking Fish
 498.13 KB

Fish can be preserved for a few days by smoking it. It can then be eaten at home or sold in the market.

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