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A Very Wise Husband
 1.06 MB

This is a story to encourage people to have their blood pressure checked, with advice on how to prevent high blood pressure and what to do if one has it.

Book-keeping 1: Cashbooks
 2.42 MB

This describes cashbook accounting for a small business such as a womens' co-operative.

Book-keeping 2: Double Entry
 2.26 MB

This gives an explanation of double-entry book-keeping and how to make a suitable cashbook.

Book-keeping 3: Balance Sheet
 2.42 MB

This deals with end of year procedures, showing profit and loss and producing a balance sheet.

Caring for Older People at Home
 1.45 MB

This booklet contains advice on care for the elderly. It covers nutrition, skin care, deafness, preventing accidents, bedridden people and dying.

Chicken Care, Book 1
 1.26 MB

This is an introduction to keeping hens. It covers building a hen house and what sort of food to provide.

Chicken Care, Book 2
 594.22 KB

Advice on the daily care of poultry, food and water and how to choose good hens.

Chicken Care, Book 3
 623.95 KB

Advice on how to select the right hens for reproduction, the right eggs for incubation and the care of newly hatched chicks.


Chicken Care, Book 4
 999.44 KB

This deals with the symptoms and treatment of various diseases and pests that affect chickens.

Covid 19 - A New Disease
 785.01 KB

Covid 19 is a new illness which is affecting the whole world. It is usually mild but can sometimes make you very ill.

Crickets — the New Cattle?
 1.32 MB

Crickets — the New Cattle?

Female Circumcision
 513.91 KB

This booklet deals with excision, also known as female genital mutilation.

First Aid
 3.66 MB

Basic instruction for people who have no medical knowledge.

Glaciers in Retreat New!
 2.26 MB

Glaciers in Retreat

How to Make a Bicycle Trailer Updated
 769.02 KB

How to make a bicycle trailer

How to Make and Use a Donkey Plough
 1.49 MB

This book shows how to make a donkey-powered plough and how to ensure the donkey can pull it comfortably and well.

Inspirational Christians: C.T. Studd
 5.75 MB

Inspirational Christians: C.T. Studd — called a fool and fanatic for God

Inspirational Christians: David Livingstone
 2.54 MB

Inspirational Christians: David Livingstone, pioneer missionary and explorer

Inspirational Christians: George Washington Carver
 1.53 MB

Inspirational Christians: George Washington Carver, slave, scientist and inventor

Inspirational Christians: Gladys Aylward
 2.94 MB

Inspirational Christians: Gladys Aylward, a rejected but determined missionary

Inspirational Christians: Isobel Kuhn
 1.82 MB

Inspirational Christians: Isobel Kuhn, a lifetime dedicated to the Lisu people

Inspirational Christians: Lilias Trotter
 1.77 MB

Inspirational Christians: Lilias Trotter, forsaking art to become a frail pioneer

Inspirational Christians: Michael Faraday
 1006.39 KB

Inspirational Christians: Michael Faraday — faith integral to scientific research

Inspirational Christians: Pandita Ramabai
 1.06 MB

Inspirational Christians: Pandita Ramabai, mission founder, translator and social reformer

Inspirational Christians: William & Catherine Booth
 1.6 MB

Inspirational Christians: William & Catherine Booth, founders of the Salvation Army

Magnificent Mangroves
 1.68 MB

Protecting coasts, fostering fish and storing carbon.

Mother and Child
 828.75 KB

Advice for new mothers, from pre-birth preparation to weaning.

Puberty and Pregnancy
 651.26 KB

This has hints for parents and teachers on how to help young people with puberty and parenthood.

 2.57 MB

This is a story about the disease of rabies, with advice about its symptoms, protection and action if you might be infected.

Raising Fish
 1.57 MB

Advice on siting, building and maintaining a fishpond, then buying, farming and harvesting the fish to go in it.

Raising Goats
 2.09 MB

A goat is a good animal to keep because it gives very good milk and meat.

Rice Paddy, Book 1
 707.48 KB

This is the first in a series of four books on planting and maintaining a rice paddy. It looks at how to plant rice.

Rice Paddy, Book 2
 580.84 KB

This is the second in a series of four books on planting and maintaining a rice paddy. It looks at problems with poor soil.

Rice Paddy, Book 3
 592.27 KB

This is the third in a series of four books on planting and maintaining a rice paddy. It looks at problems with pests.

Rice Paddy, Book 4
 542.52 KB

This is the fourth in a series of four books on planting and maintaining a rice paddy. It looks at problems with diseases.

Siege Warfare
 1.48 MB

This booklets aims to help you understand the background behind siege warfare as it existed in Old Testament times.

The Book of Water
 1.5 MB

Water is very important. Without water everything on earth will die.

The Life and Journeys of St Paul
 3.34 MB

This book introduces you to the life and journeys of the Apostle Paul.

Water Pumps - Domestic
 1.75 MB

Water Pumps - human-powered for domestic and community use.

Water Pumps - Hydraulic
 2.08 MB

Hydraulic ram water pumps. This book explains how hydraulic ram pumps (hydrams) work and how to install and use them.

Water Pumps - Irrigation
 1009.37 KB

Water Pumps - human and animal powered for irrigation.

Water Pumps - Overview
 2.12 MB

Water Pumps - An overview of the different types.

Water Pumps - Solar-power
 1.23 MB

Solar-Powered water pumps: fresh water brought to you by the sun.