[EE] Look After Your Teeth and *Gums Updated


[EE] Look After Your Teeth and *Gums

This book describes the parts of teeth and the different types. It explains how teeth and gums become unhealthy and how to keep them clean and healthy. It advises on foods for pregnant women and mothers with young babies so that children’s teeth are healthy. It explains about foods that are good and bad for everyone’s teeth. It has a list of important things to do so that teeth and *gums remain healthy for the person’s whole life.

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The text in this book is from Cuidado de Los Dientes (Dental Care). The Ministry of Health of Peru published it with SIL in Peru.
The text and illustrations are copyright © 1981 the Ministry of Health of Peru and SIL International 1981. They share these under a CC:BY-NC 4.0 licence.
MissionAssist published this EasyEnglish edition in the United Kingdom in 2021.
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