[EE] How to Care for a Baby 1: *Pregnancy and Birth


[EE] How to Care for a Baby 1: *Pregnancy and Birth

This story is about a strong and healthy family with two intelligent children who work well. The mother is pregnant. The story explains what she did to prepare for the birth of a healthy baby. It also has advice about how she fed the baby after the birth. This is the first of three books in the series called How to Care for a Baby.

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The Ministry of Health in Peru, with the Summer Institute of Linguistics, produced the original series as Amaneri Cameetsa Aporani Jananequi (How to Care for and Feed Your Baby) in 1985.
MissionAssist published this EasyEnglish edition in the United Kingdom in 2021.
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Other books in the series:
Book 2: Mother’s Milk and a Baby’s Health
Book 3: How to Wean a Baby


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