[EE] A Healthy Diet: Pregnant Women and Their Babies Updated


[EE] A Healthy Diet: Pregnant Women and Their Babies

This book begins with a story about a child who did not develop well because of a poor diet. The book gives information about healthy foods for pregnant women. It explains why the mother’s milk is best for a baby. It advises on how to prepare food for babies who start to eat solid food. It then explains which foods are best for children’s health and growth.

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Created Date: 01-Jun-2021
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The original text is in the French and Abidiji languages. We adapted the text from Where There is No Doctor that David Werner wrote, copyright © 1986.
We also adapted it from documents that The National Institute of Public Health of Abidjan, Ivory Coast published.
MissionAssist thanks Seraphin Dene SRN, her assistant Pierre Tito, and Lorna Kingston, a midwife (helps women in baby’s birth), for their valuable help.
MissionAssist published this EasyEnglish edition in the United Kingdom in 2021.
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