[EE] *Book-keeping 2: *Double-Entry Accounting


[EE] *Book-keeping 2: *Double-Entry Accounting

This book explains *double-entry accounting. It is method of *book-keeping that records each financial *transaction in two separate accounts. The totals for the two accounts must match. This is Book 2 in a series of three books about *book-keeping. Other books in the series:
Book 1: *Cashbook Accounting
Book 3: *End-of-Year, Profit and Loss Account, and *Balance Sheet

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We thank Margrit Kuratli for her book "Bookkeeping: Basic principles". She originally published it in French as "Compatibilité: Principes de base". She has allowed us to adapt some of the information for this book. We also thank Major Charles Whitley for his help and advice. The Major was in the (British) Royal Army Pay Corps.

MissionAssist published this EasyEnglish edition in the United Kingdom in 2021.


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