Information and Education

Information and Education

These are Shell Book titles in a simplified version of English relating to information and education.


[EE] *Book-keeping 1: *Cashbook Accounting
 2.43 MB

This book explains a simple way to manage and record payments for a small business, such as a women’s *co-operative.

[EE] *Book-keeping 2: *Double-Entry Accounting
 2.32 MB

This book explains *double-entry accounting. It is method of *book-keeping that records each financial *transaction in two separate accounts.

[EE] *Book-keeping 3: *End-of-Year
 2.42 MB

This book continues from Book 2: *Double-Entry Accounting. It explains how to close the *accounts at the end of the financial year.

[EE] A Young Boy Goes to the Market
 578.14 KB

An Explanation of the *Metric System. This book starts with a story about people at a market.

Learn to Recognise Differences. This book aims to encourage the minds of young children before they can read.

[EE] Names for Parts of the Body
 3.91 MB

This book shows the main parts of the body.