Information and Education

Information and Education

These are Shell Book titles in a simplified version of English relating to information and education.


*Book-keeping 1: *Cashbook Accounting
 2.34 MB

This book explains a simple way to manage and record payments for a small business, such as a women’s *co-operative.

*Book-keeping 2: *Double-Entry Accounting
 2.23 MB

This book explains *double-entry accounting. It is method of *book-keeping that records each financial *transaction in two separate accounts.

*Book-keeping 3: *End-of-Year
 2.34 MB

This book continues from Book 2: *Double-Entry Accounting. It explains how to close the *accounts at the end of the financial year.

A Young Boy Goes to the Market
 491.59 KB

An Explanation of the *Metric System. This book starts with a story about people at a market.

Groups of Pictures to Prepare Young Children for Reading
 4.11 MB

Learn to Recognise Differences. This book aims to encourage the minds of young children before they can read.

Names for Parts of the Body
 6.65 MB

This book shows the main parts of the body.