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Our Shell Books are all provided as Microsoft Word files that can be downloaded immediately. Please contact us if you require another format or would like to have a complete set of files on a CD, DVD or USB stick.

The files are organised by language and then by various categories. You can either use "Downloads" on the main menu line above or the index that appears below to select a language and then a category. You can also use the search engine in the right-hand column to look for particular titles or contents.

We are currently revising our entire catalogue of books. All the English titles and most of the French language titles are now available. Spanish and Portuguese titles are currently being uploaded and we have a new category called "EasyEnglish" for titles in a simplified form of English. Please contact us if you are looking for something in a section that is not yet available. We may be able to supply you with an older version that meets your need.

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