Shell Books

Shell books comprise a range of simple booklets that offer a free resource for literacy workers who are teaching adults to read. The subject matter covers a range of practical subjects that can be used to teach new skills, or to generate interest in new projects. They are available as Microsoft Word files. Please contact us if you require another format. The text can be lifted out and replaced in any language, whilst the pictures and all the formatting (the "shell") remain. They can then be printed off locally.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently updating our entire stock of Shell Books. Whilst this is happening, none of our books will be available to download directly from the website. However, until this process is complete, you can ask for copies of particular books to be sent to you by email. We have titles available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Use the button below to see which books are available and send an email to the address given in this document to let us know what you want.

We do apologise for not being able to supply books in the usual way, but will do our best to restore our normal service as quickly as possible. Thank you!


Books temporarily on offer